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Mixing Pop Media with the Catholic Message

We’re excited to offer you the following categories as opportunities to delve into pop culture from the perspective of being Catholic while also exploring what it means to be faith-filled in our choices and everyday lives.

We’ll also provide updates on events and issues relating to youth and young adults in the Catholic Church, particularly the upcoming phenomenon of World Youth Day 2011, an event gathering those ages 14 to 30 from across the globe to Madrid, Spain, for a week of discovery, liturgy, friendship and fun!

[Don’t forget to check out the Goodness Reigns: Share the Story Contest to learn how you can become eligible to win a chance to attend WYD 2011 for free! For details, visit http://www.goodnessreigns.com/contest.php.)


Catholic Radar
How can you navigate today’s culture and the media world? By being informed of your Catholic faith! You’ll hear from notable Catholics on issues of faith and morality to help you discern and digest the messages you see and hear—all coming to you from the perspective of a Catholic journalist, mom, wife and fellow sojourner trying to remain faithful to the church’s Magisterium.


Feasts & Seasons
Advent wreaths, Lenten ashes and May crownings! Celebrate the history and meaning of the Catholic faith throughout the year by following the rich calendar of events that marks important feast days of saints as well as liturgical seasons such as Advent and Lent. Connect with traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.


GR & WYD News
Receive updates on the Goodness Reigns: Share the Story Contest as well as journey with other pilgrims preparing to attend WYD 2011. You’ll find advice on what to expect from the weeklong event in Madrid as well as tidbits such as a crash course in Spanish and what, as well as what not, to pack.


OM“J”esus & the Saints
Is Jesus just a good man or God-Made-Man? We’ll continue to explore who Jesus is, salvation history and what it means to be a Christian, as witnessed in very tangible ways through the lives of the saints.


Pop Media
Have a favorite TV show or band? Did you know there are amazing adult Catholic artists? Need a movie review from the Catholic perspective before heading to the theaters this weekend? Check out Arts & Entertainment for a fun and informative look at what’s “uber cool.”


Pope Culture
As the first leader of the church after Jesus’ Resurrection, St. Peter was the rock and first pope. Almost daily our own Pope Benedict XVI engages culture and, in particular, addresses youth and young adults. Hear what he has to say to you!


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